Gifted is the place to find the perfect gift for everyone. .If you’ve been struggling to find a gift for a birthday, anniversary, or even an engagement, we’ll get you started with .our easy to- use app








ux research 

ui designer 

the problem

Many people struggle to find the right gift, as there isn’t a convenient way to survey options all in one place. Additionally, delivery times can be unreliable, making it difficult to ensure that your gift arrives on time for the special occasion. Finally, a major factor in gift-giving is the ability to personalize the gift to the recipient, but this is often lost when purchasing from a generic place

the solution

The Gifted app seems to offer users the ability to make changes and personalize their gift boxes, making them exactly what they want for the specific event. Additionally, the app provide a well-curated selection of gift items, making it easier for users to find the perfect gift. The added bonus of being able to conduct market research through the app could also be a game-changer when it comes to gift-giving

market rsearch

As part of my research, I conducted a competitive analysis 

of food and gift delivery apps to explore whether 

they might offer any solution

buy me

Buy Me is a popular gift card app in Israel that allows users to purchase gift cards for a wide variety of businesses and services, ranging from restaurants and retail stores to spa treatments and entertainment venues.

just eat

Just Eat is a popular food delivery app that connects customers with a wide range of cuisines from various restaurants in their area.


Wolt is a popular food delivery app that connects hungry customers with quick and easy access to their favorite restaurants and cuisine.

user studty and persona

During the user study I wanted to explore the main pain points

 for the users, so I interviewed men and women 

aged 22-55

:Top issues that came up during my interviews

  • Many people struggle to find appropriate gifts for special occasions in one place
  • There is no fast market to carry out a survey between several places and choose the desired gift
  • The delivery dates are not always on time and it takes away the main purpose of delivering gifts on the special day
  • Most people tend to forget important dates and end up failing to order a gift in advance
  • The lack of ability to personalize the gifts to the people concerned diminishes the essence of sending a personalized gift